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How to Participate in Utility Cases

Your Voice MattersAny decision that an investor-owned utility makes that might impact customers’ rates must go before the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSC).

The formal legal proceeding in which an investor-owned utility applies to the PSC for a change in rates charged to their customers is known as a rate case. Consumers are usually most interested in utilities’ request to increase rates. You can participate in a rate case and other cases before the PSC if you are a customer of the utility.

3 Ways to Participate

There are 3 ways you can participate in a rate case. If you choose to file a petition to intervene, then you cannot use options 2 and 3.

File a Petition to InterveneFile a Petition to Intervene
You will be a party of record in that case before the PSC and be able to present testimony, examine witnesses, and be crossexamined. See the PSC website for instructions on how to intervene.


File a Letter of ProtestFile a Letter of Protest
You can express your opinion to the PSC in writing. See the PSC website for instructions on how to file a letter of protest.


Participate in a Night HearingParticipate in a Night Hearing
You can express your opinion to the PSC verbally, but you will not be able to examine witnesses. Also, the Commissioners may ask you questions. Night hearings are held at various locations throughout the state. See the PSC website for more information on night hearings.