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The Governor has declared a State of Emergency in South Carolina. For the latest information on COVID-19 in South Carolina visit

For the latest utility updates during COVID-19 visit ORS.SC.GOV/covid19.

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Blue South Carolina state outline with broadband linesSociety’s access to the internet, email, data, entertainment, and work constantly changes. Today, huge quantities of data and information— such as music, movies, educational resources, and even live meetings and demonstrations— can be transmitted over the internet in real-time. However, some connections are better than others. The faster your internet connection, the more data you can transmit over that connection in a given period of time.

Speeds often depend on the technology used to send data. The fastest speeds can be achieved over fiber-optic and hybrid fiber-coax networks, with slower speeds through traditional telephone or copper lines.

With the recent pandemic, the internet has become even more important as an access point for education, telehealth, and other crucial activities of daily living.

ORS CARES Act Broadband Update Webinar

The ORS held an update webinar on October 27, 2020 about the implementation of Act 142, which is helping to deploy broadband infrastructure across South Carolina. Executive Director Nanette Edwards and ORS staff discussed successes so far with the effort.

View a recording of the webinar

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