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The Vehicle Registration Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers.

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How often can a utility file for an increase in rates?

Once every twelve months from the date of the filing of a rate schedule.

How long is typical rate case?

A final order must be issued by the PSC within six months  from the date the utility files its application.

How can consumers participate in the rate case process?

  1. Fill out a Letter of Protest on the PSC’s website.

  2. Attend Public Hearings and Testify
    Consumers will be able to participate and let the Commissioners hear their concerns. The PSC may set dates for public hearings if they are requested by consumers or intervenors.

The PSC may schedule night hearings in local communities throughout the applicant’s service area. Consumers can also visit the How to Participate in Utility Cases page for more information.

Does participation in public hearings matter?

Yes. A public hearing is a good opportunity for utility customers to provide comments on a pending case involving their utility. It is an opportunity for consumers to share information about how the rate increase will affect them.  The ORS encourages consumers to participate because it is one of the opportunities to voice concerns about the utility’s service and/or its request for a rate increase. Public participation may also affect decisions of the PSC. Consumers’ voices make a difference.