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ORS Consumer Services serves as a mediator between customers and investor-owned utilities in South Carolina. The role of ORS Consumer Services is to resolve disputes or settle inquiries on an informal basis. Through consumer education, ORS Consumer Services helps utility customers make educated choices and understand their rights and obligations as consumers of public utility services.

If you have an inquiry or complaint with one of your utility companies, we encourage you first to contact the company and ask to speak with a customer service representative. If you are not satisfied with the company's response or assistance, please contact ORS Consumer Services.

What Utilities are Regulated by the ORS?

The ORS can assist you through its online consumer complaint/inquiry form. ORS Consumer Services will process customer complaints and inquiries in accordance with the statutory requirements for the ORS. The ORS represents the public interest in utility regulation regarding rates, charges, service standards, facilities, and practices of investor-owned utilities in the areas of:

  • Electric
  • Natural gas
  • Water Wastewater
  • Local and intrastate (within South Carolina) long distance telephone service
  • Intrastate (within SC) household goods movers (moving companies)
  • Intrastate (within SC) passenger carriers
What Utilities are NOT regulated by the ORS?

If your complaint or inquiry concerning your utility service involves the rates, business practices, charges or billing for one of the following, the ORS does not have authority to initiate an investigation request with the company to attempt a resolution. The following list does not include all non-regulated entities.

  • An electric cooperative
  • A city or town owned water/wastewater utility
  • A city or town owned electric/natural gas utility
  • A cable or satellite television company
  • A cellular phone provider 
  • Internet service
  • Propane gas provider
  • A company that does not provide a utility service
  • Interstate (outside of SC) household goods movers
  • Interstate (outside of SC) passenger carriers

How the Rate Case Process Works

Learn more about who is involved in the rate case process, what their roles are, definitions, the process, FAQs, and tips for participating in a public hearing.

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