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The Office of Regulatory Staff will be closed on Monday, July 4, 2022, in observance of Independence Day.

We are pleased to announce the ARPA State Fiscal Recovery Fund (SFRF) 1.0 Grant Program application and related documents have been posted online.

Applications from eligible Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are due no later than 8/31/2022 at 5:00PM.  For more information, click here.

American Rescue Plan Act - State Fiscal Recovery Funds

Schedule of Events for ARPA SFRF
On May 13, 2022, Governor Henry McMaster signed H.4408 [↗], which included an allocation of $400 million to the Office of Regulatory Staff -- South Carolina Broadband Office for the purpose of deploying broadband infrastructure.

All American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds must be awarded through competitive grant processes, and the SC Broadband Office is pleased to announce that, beginning June 30, 2022, we are now accepting grant applications to provide financial assistance to install and deliver broadband infrastructure in high priority unserved areas throughout the State.

This program, depending on the number of qualified applications, may award approximately $180,000,000 of the allocated ARPA funds.

Grant-related documents may be found under "Program Documents" below. Grant applications are due by August 31, 2022.  Questions must be written and emailed to

Click the drop-down menus below for additional information.

ARPA SFRF Program Documents

ARPA SFRF Guidelines and Attachments (PDF)

Grant Application and Budget Summary (XLS)

ARPA SFRF Grant Agreement and Exhibits (PDF)

SCBBO Funded Project Register (PDF)

ARPA SFRF Eligibility Map

Click here to download a copy of the eligibility map.

ARPA SFRF Presentation Materials

Eligibility Map Challenge PowerPoint from 6/17/2022 WebEx

ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Overview from 6/24/2022 WebEx

Data Dictionary

ARPA GIS Data Dictionary

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - UPDATED

FAQs Rev. 6.28.2022

Map Challenge Purpose

The purpose of this process is to challenge unserved locations on the SC Broadband Office's 03/2022 eligibility map.  To be considered “served”, 80% of housing units within the Internet Service Provider (ISP)-designated challenged 2020 census block(s) must have standard broadband service available at reliable speeds of 25/3 Mbps download/upload, and the residence must be served by fiber or cable only (no DSL). 

Additionally, there can be no additional cost to the owner or occupant requesting service.  If the broadband customer is or may be required to bear additional costs to construct a drop or line to the residence, then the structure is considered unserved.  Challenge areas such as this may be considered unserved by the Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS).  

Map Challenge Process

GIS template data formatted in a manner set forth by the ORS AND sufficient evidence the network is functional will be required for a successful challenge.

Acceptable examples of sufficient evidence include geotagged photos of speed tests, geotagged photos of active construction, or billing statements coincident in the challenged area. Template GIS data for download will be available on the ORS Citrix file share site. Access will be granted to ISPs upon request that have filled out the Data Access Request form, found here: 

ISPs must fill out the Map Challenge form, located here:  

Evidence must be uploaded to the Citrix File Share under the ARPA Map Challenge folder, filling out the form alone will not be a sufficient means of securing a successful outcome of a challenged census block.

Required items: 

  • Completed Data Access Request Form
  • Map Challenge Form filled out in its entirety
  • GIS Template data rendered in the challenged census block(s), to include:
    • Census block layer
    • Provider Service Area
    • Housing Units which either have access or are accessible with no AIC
    • Fiber/Cable Lines
  • Sufficient evidence including but not limited to geotagged photos of speed tests, geotagged photos of active construction, or billing statements coincident in the challenged area uploaded to the ORS Citrix File Share ARPA Map Challenge Directory

Upon review of the challenge, and additional information uploaded to the ORS Citrix File Share, the ORS will issue a written determination concerning the challenge. Such determination shall be final and binding. Email will be deemed a sufficient means of communicating the final determination. Results may also be published on the ORS website.

Challenges are due no later than 6/30/2022 at 5:00PM. Please email if you have any questions.