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The Vehicle Registration Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers.

Telecommunications Forms

Telecommunications Forms
Due Date Activity Who Must File Deliverable Where To Find Form
August 1 2023 Universal Service Fund - Contribution Worksheet (PDF) All Telcos 1, Wireless, & VoIPs Report ORS Website
April 1 Telecommunications Annual Reports All Telcos 1 Annual Report ORS Website
April 1 & As Needed

Authorized Utility Representative Form (PDF) – Submit with Annual Report and Whenever Personnel Change

All Telcos 1 Completed Form ORS Website
April 1 LEC Bond or Security Requirement ILECs & CLECs 3 Proof of Security n/a
June 30 ETC Annual Report ETCs 4 Annual Report SC Code 103-690.1 5
July 15 Gross Receipts – Annual Payment All Telcos 1 Payment Due n/a
August 1 Universal Service Fund – ILEC Data Report ILECs/COLRs Completed Form Via Email
August 1 Universal Service Fund – Line Support Calculation ILECs/COLRs Completed Form Via Email
August 31 Gross Receipts Report Form All Telcos 1 Completed Form Via US Mail
30 Days After EOQ Performance Quality Reports (PDF) – Quarterly QOS ILECs & CLECs Report ORS Website
Monthly Universal Service Fund – Monthly Invoice All Telcos 1, Wireless Payment Due6 n/a
Monthly SC Telecommunications Relay Service Invoice (PDF) ILECs, CLECs, Wireless & VoIPs Payment Due6 Via US Mail

2018 SC Universal Service Fund Contribution Letter (PDF)
Wireless and VOIP Registration Form (PDF)


  1. All certificated telecommunications carriers including all ETCs
  2. ORS Website
  3. SC Code of Regulations 103-607
  4. All Eligible Telecommunications Carriers Designated after January 1, 2007
  5. Required information set out in regulation
  6. Wireless & VoIP payment due to Department of Revenue (DOR)