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The Vehicle Registration Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers.

Becoming a Class C Certificate Passenger Carrier

The PSC voted to approve my request for and I received a PSC Directive. What are the next steps? The Directive does not grant you the authority to begin operations as a Class C motor carrier.

There are several steps you must follow.

An Order is issued by the PSC
An Order will be issued by the PSC in 1 to 2 weeks after the Directive. You will receive a copy of the Order from the PSC and you have 90 days from the Order date to complete the steps to receive a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (Certificate) from the ORS.

A Compliance Deficiency Letter is issued by the ORS.
The ORS will mail a Compliance Deficiency Letter to you within 1 week after the PSC Order is issued. The Compliance Deficiency Letter and the documents included in the mailing will assist you in completing the requirements to be issued a Certificate by the ORS.

Schedule a vehicle and driver inspection with the ORS.
You must have your vehicle(s) and driver file(s) reviewed by an ORS Inspector. The name and phone number of the ORS Inspector is provided in the Compliance Deficiency Letter.

Register your vehicles and pay for your License Decal sticker.
You must register your vehicles with the ORS twice per year and obtain a license decal sticker. You must provide license plate information for each vehicle.

  1. Class C Charter carriers are required to display an “LS” license plate..
  2. Class C Taxi carriers are required to display a “TX” license plate. Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to obtain the correct license plate.

Provide the ORS with Proof of Insurance.
You must provide the ORS with Proof of Insurance. The ORS will accept a Form E as proof that you have the commercial insurance that meets the PSC requirements. The Form E must come to the ORS from the insurance carrier. The company name listed on the Form E must match the company name listed on the PSC Order. The Form E may be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the ORS.

Receive a Certificate from the ORS.
You will receive a copy of your Certificate via mail and e-mail. The ORS will include license decal stickers for each registered vehicle or a temporary permit letter (Class C Charter only).