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Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation, Inc Rate Increase Request

Docket No. 2021-153-S

Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation, Inc. (PWR) filed an application to increase its rates by approximately 13.7% with the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSC) in June 2021. The average residential consumer’s monthly bill would increase by $5.20 per month if approved. The case is scheduled to be considered by the PSC in November 2021.

Rate Increase Request Summary

Total Revenue Requested $4,159,736
Total Revenue Increase Requested ($) $499,003
Proposed Return on Equity 10.95%
Total Revenue Increase Requested (%) 13.63%

Impact on Monthly Charges

Customer Type Current Rate Proposed Rate Increase
Residential (single-family house, condominium, villa, or apt. unit) $37.92 $43.12 $5.20 (13.72%)
Mobile Homes $28.30 $32.18 $3.88 (13.72%)
Commercial (single-family equivalent*) $37.92 $43.12 $5.20 (13.72%)

* This is the minimum charge and shall apply even if the equivalency rating is less than one. If the equivalency rating is greater than one, then the monthly charges may be calculated by multiplying the equivalency rating by the monthly charge.

Counties Where Service is Provided

  • Richland
  • Lexington

Important Dates (as published by the PSC)

06/16/2021 Application Filed

08/16/2021 Company Published Notification of Increase

09/02/2021 Company Testimony Due

09/06/2021 Petition to Intervene Deadline

09/30/2021 All Other Parties’ Testimony Due

10/14/2021 Company’s Rebuttal Testimony Due

10/28/2021 All Other Parties’ Surrebuttal Testimony Due 11/08/2021 Public Hearing for Consumers

11/09/2021 Public Hearing for Consumers

11/10/2021 PSC Merit Hearing Begins

12/16/2021 PSC Order Issued


  • ORS
  • SC Department of Consumer Affairs

About PWR

PWR, a subsidiary of SouthWest Water Company, provides sewer service in certain areas of Richland and Lexington Counties. PWR’s last rate increase was granted in 2019.