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The Vehicle Registration Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers.

Transportation Network Companies

A Transportation Network Company or TNC is a person, corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or other entity operating in South Carolina that uses a digital network, platform, or internet-enabled application to connect a passenger to a driver and provides the transportation for compensation. A TNC driver cannot solicit or accept passenger rides on-demand or through a street hail. All payment for TNC services must be made digitally, and the TNC driver cannot accept cash payments.

In order to operate in South Carolina, TNCs must submit an application to the ORS and, if approved, hold a valid TNC permit issued by the ORS.

Industry Sharing Safety Program

The Industry Sharing Safety Program enables companies to exchange basic information about drivers and delivery people who have been deactivated for serious sexual assault or physical assault fatalities to help prevent these individuals from operating on another platform.

Learn more about the program from Lyft and Uber