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The Vehicle Registration Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers.

Class "C" Motor Carrier

A Class C motor carrier uses a vehicle to transport passengers and does not operate on a fixed schedule or route. Class C motor carriers do not operate outside two miles of the city limits where they are licensed to do business, with the exception of highways that are not served by a Class A or B motor carrier.

Class C motor carriers are generally known as taxis, charter buses, charter limousines, and non-emergency vehicles.

All Class C motor carriers must obtain a Certificate of PC&N from the ORS after approval by the PSC. Charter buses must obtain a Charter Bus Certificate instead of a Certificate of PC&N.


A taxi is any motor vehicle passenger carrier equipped to carry up to 15 passengers and operates on call or demand/response service where pricing is determined on a per trip basis.

Regulated Taxi Carriers

Charter Bus

A charter bus is any motor vehicle passenger carrier equipped to carry 16 or more passengers.

Regulated Charter Bus Carriers

Charter Limousine

A limousine is any motor vehicle passenger carrier equipped to carry up to 15 passengers and accepts passengers exclusively on a pre-arranged basis where pricing is determined on an hourly basis.

Regulated Charter Limousine Carriers

Non-Emergency Vehicle

A Non-Emergency Vehicle is any motor vehicle passenger carrier that charges a fee for providing non-emergency transportation for patients in stable medical condition. Non-Emergency Vehicles include wheelchair vans and stretcher vans, but not taxis. Non-Emergency Vehicles do not include vehicles that provide other regulated services and do not charge a separate fee for the non-emergency transportation service.

Regulated Non-Emergency Carriers

Stretcher Van

Stretcher Van service is a mode of Non-Emergency Vehicle transportation which may be provided to an individual who cannot be transported in a taxi or wheelchair van due to being unable to walk. Stretcher vans are not required or authorized to provide medical monitoring, medical aid, medical care or medical treatment of passengers during their transport. Self-administered oxygen is permitted.

Regulated Stretcher Van Carriers

Wheelchair Van

A wheelchair van is a Non-Emergency Vehicle which is modified, equipped, and used for the purpose of providing non-emergency medical transportation for wheelchair van patients. These vehicles are specifically designed and modified to load and transport both those able to walk and wheelchair-bound patients in a safe and secure manner.