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Natural Gas

The ORS represents the public interest with regard to the regulation of investor-owned natural gas utilities in South Carolina -- Piedmont Natural Gas and South Carolina Electric & Gas. These natural gas utilities provide the distribution, transportation, and storage of natural gas in South Carolina. Duties of the ORS encompass rate, accounting, legal, technical, and certain service issues regarding the purchase, sale, transportation, and storage of natural gas by all companies within the jurisdiction of the PSC.

With the exception of safety issues, the ORS has no authority regarding or responsibility for non-jurisdictional utilities including municipal systems, Natural Gas Authorities, and liquid propane systems. However, the ORS does monitor these areas in order to provide information to policy makers in the state.

Quick Facts about Natural Gas
Did you know ...

  • Natural gas is colorless, non-toxic, and has an odorant added.
  • The flammable range of natural gas in air is from about 4.5% to 14.5%.
  • The natural gas we use contains about 92% methane, which is very similar to gas that is produced from old landfill sites.
  • The ignition point of natural gas is 1100 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than a lighted cigarette but lower than an arc from static electricity.
  • Natural gas is lighter than air; therefore, it will rise to the uppermost area possible.
  • Natural gas escaping to the atmosphere will dissipate and present no danger if allowed to vent freely.

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