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ORS Begins Annual Driver Information Audit of Transportation Network Companies to Help Keep Consumers Safe

Hand holding cell phone calling a transportation network company; cars in background with wifi signals overhead
Fri, 06/25/2021

The Transportation Department of the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) is responsible for the regulation of Transportation Network Companies (TNC), also known as rideshare companies. To help keep consumers safe when using TNC services, the ORS will audit the information in driver files for TNC companies that operate throughout the state during July and August.

In order to do business in South Carolina, TNCs are required to submit an application to the ORS and hold a valid TNC permit issued by the ORS.

Every year, the ORS Transportation Department investigates driver information and consumer complaints to confirm that drivers with the companies meet the requirements of South Carolina laws. Each TNC is required to provide a list of active drivers to the ORS, and the ORS randomly selects a sample of the drivers to investigate.

TNCs must make sure their drivers meet these specific requirements to help keep consumers safe when using TNC services. The TNC provides information on its drivers to the ORS including:

  • proof of a valid driver’s license,
  • verification that the driver is 21 years old, and
  • a certified copy of the driver’s ten-year driving record issued by a valid Department of Motor Vehicles.

The TNC must provide the ORS with proof that a local and national criminal background check for each driver was completed and that each driver meets insurance requirements. The TNC must also show that a certified mechanic licensed in South Carolina has conducted a safety inspection on the vehicle. Lastly, the TNC must provide the number of consumer complaints it has received.

After the ORS reviews the information, the TNC is notified of any issues. The TNC can take steps to resolve the issues and receive technical assistance from ORS staff. If a TNC does not resolve the issues, the TNC may lose its permit to operate in South Carolina.

As of June 2021, there are three TNCs approved to operate in South Carolina including Lyft, Inc, Raiser, LLC (Uber), and UZURV Holdings, Inc. For more information on TNCs and the ORS Transportation Department, visit the Transportation Network Companies page.