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ORS Releases Consumer Information on Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc. (DESC) Annual Fuel Base Rates

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Wed, 05/17/2023

Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc. (DESC), the Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS), and the South Carolina Energy Users Committee filed a stipulation with the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSC) on March 29, 2023, which resolved the issue of the amount DESC can charge customers for fuel used to generate power as between the parties to the stipulation. The evidentiary hearing was held on March 30, 2023.

On May 2, 2023, the PSC issued Order No. 2023-291 approving the stipulation and an increase of approximately $5.49 per month (~3.91%) for a typical residential consumer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month. The impacts for the average Residential, General Service/Commercial, and Industrial customers will vary by type, as outlined in the table below.

Consumers can fill out a Letter of Protest on the PSC’s website or attend public hearings and testify to participate in the case and voice their concerns.  The PSC website has more information on how consumers can sign up to speak at these public hearings.  More information on this rate increase request can be found on our Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc. (DESC) Annual Fuel Base Rates Overview page.



Docket No. 2023-2-E