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Water and Wastewater Utilities COVID-19 Updates

AAA Utilities
AAA Utilities website

For questions, call (803) 755-1203.

Blue Granite Water Company
Blue Granite Water Company COVID-19 Preparedness Response

For more information, visit the Blue Granite Water Company website or call (800) 367-4314.

Condor Environmental
Condor Environmental website

For questions, call (864) 469-9715.

CUC, Inc.
For questions, call (843) 669-0130.

Daufuskie Island Utility Company (DIUC)
DIUC COVID-19 Updates

For questions, call 888-635-7878.

Dowd Water Systems
For questions, call (803) 319-9774.

Georgia Water & Well Services
For questions, call (706) 543-9353.

Hamilton-Haynes Water Works
For questions, call (843) 761-4959.

Hyde Park Water Works
For questions, call (864) 229-6453.

JACABB Utilities
For more information and to pay your bill online, visit the JACABB Utilities website. For questions, call (864) 973-9001.

Kiawah Island Utility

Customer Care is readily available by email at or by phone at (877) 405-1742. Visit the Kiawah Island Utility website.

Lake Wylie MHP Utilities
For questions, call (919) 924-8907.

Lakewood Utilities
For questions, call (843) 238-5161.

Ocean Lakes Utility
For questions, call (843) 238-5636.

Palmetto State Utility Services
For information, visit the Palmetto State Utility Services website or call (803) 790-7288.

Palmetto Utilities, Inc.
Ni Pacolet Milliken Utilities, LLC COVID-19 Update

The customer service group is fully operational and can be contacted at (803) 699-2422 or between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM to assist with questions.

Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation
Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation website

For questions, call (803) 699-2422.

Pine Haven Water System
For questions, call (803) 222-3334.

QH Lagoon
For questions, call (864) 430-8978.

Scenic Lake Park
For questions, call (803) 499-1265.

Scotland Yard Utility
For questions, call (704) 678-7155.

Sliding Rock Water System
For questions, call (864) 303-7037.

South Carolina Water Utilities (formerly Harbor Island Utilities and T.J. Barnwell Utility)
For questions, visit the South Carolina Water Utilities website or contact their Customer Care team at or (877) 405-1742.

Synergy Utilities
Synergy Utilities website

For questions, call (803) 359-4803.

T & M Utilities
For questions, call (803)774-2010.

Total Environmental Solutions
Total Environmental Solutions website

For questions, call 1-800-372-9712x3026.

Upstate Water Resources
For questions, call (864) 884-4900.

Water Supply Company
For questions, call (803) 359-6377.

Wright's Plumbing & Utilities
For questions, call (803) 345-5997.

Much of the information on this page and its associated links has been provided to the ORS by the referenced utilities. The ORS cannot make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, or accuracy of this information.