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The Governor has declared a State of Emergency in South Carolina. For the latest information on COVID-19 in South Carolina visit

For the latest utility updates during COVID-19 visit ORS.SC.GOV/covid19.

New License Decal Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers. Click here to learn more.

10-digit dialing now required in the 803 area code. Click here to learn more. 

Transportation COVID-19 Updates

Transportation COVID-19 Summary of Actions (PDF)

Amtrak Coronavirus Update

Amtrak continues to operate, yet some services are being temporarily reduced due to COVID-19. Visit the Amtrak website to see details on service impacts and service updates. Amtrak continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and is taking actions to protect customers and employees: 

  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning services on trains and in stations. This includes providing additional sanitizers and disinfectant wipes to customers and employees. 
  • Sharing best practices with employees and customers on ways to protect against communicable diseases. 
  • Accepting cashless payments on trains and in stations to increase safety. 
  • Coordinating with local authorities to ensure that passengers have free access when embarking and disembarking along Amtrak routes.
  • Posting signs referencing Governor McMaster’s Executive Order requiring that certain out-of-state individuals entering S.C. must immediately self-isolate or quarantine for 14 days or for the duration of the individual’s presence in S.C. 
  • Maintaining social distancing on trains by temporarily reducing coach and business class sales to 50% capacity. 
  • Waiving change fees for any reservations made before May 31, 2020. This can be done online on Amtrak’s website. If customers need assistance with changing reservations or if they have questions, they can call 1-800-USA-RAIL. 

CSX Transportation
CSX Coronavirus Prevention and Response

CSX is closely monitoring the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 disease and has taken preventative measures to safeguard our people and operations. CSX has issued a Coronavirus Prevention and Response Policy for all CSX employees, contractors, suppliers, and visitors. 

  • Restricted business travel for employees not directly associated with train operations and limited visitor access to our facilities to decrease the risk of potential exposure to the virus.
  • Encouraging all employees to follow personal safeguards, based on recommendations by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.
  • Increasing cleaning regimens and distributing additional cleaning and disinfecting products across the system.
  • Instituting continuity plans for back-up facilities to support operations, remote work arrangements for employees, and modified work areas to allow for social distancing.

Lyft's Latest on COVID-19

Lyft has created an internal task force for COVID-19 and is dedicated to ensuring that both drivers and riders know the best ways to help protect themselves and others when sharing a ride. 

  • Providing safety information to riders such as reminders to wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, avoid close contact with others, and open vehicle windows for ventilation. 
  • Temporarily suspending drivers or riders using Lyft if they have tested positive for the virus. Drivers and riders must be medically cleared before they are able to use Lyft again.
  • Distributing hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies at no cost to drivers to assist with vehicle cleanliness.  
  • Communicating with riders to provide latest updates from local officials, including curfews and shelter-in-place orders. 
  • Temporarily pausing all shared rides to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Norfolk Southern
Norfolk Southern COVID-19 Updates

Norfolk Southern (NS) employees are deemed as essential personnel and continue to work to protect the company’s employees and the community it serves during the COVID-19 pandemic. NS has established Pandemic Planning and Preparedness Guidelines to protect employees’ safety and maintain critical business functions. 

  • Communicating health and safety expectations to its employees and service providers.
  • Secured additional sanitizing materials for employee use.
  • Implementing social distancing and telecommuting for workers. 
  • Instructed personnel to stay off NS property if they have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 or were diagnosed themselves. These personnel are told not to return to NS property until cleared by a medical professional. 
  • Published a customer survey to gain understanding of how the evolving COVID-19 situation is affecting customers' transportation requirements. NS intends to integrate this customer feedback into their transportation plans to ensure customer needs are met. 
  • Utilizing both AccessNS ( and TRAX (mobile application) to provide 24/7 shipping information to the public.

Uber Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates

Uber is focusing on ensuring driver and rider safety through supporting health authorities, helping affected drivers, and keeping vehicles clean. 

  • Providing safety information to riders such as reminders to wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, exercise social distancing by sitting in the back of vehicles, and open vehicle windows for ventilation. 
  • Partnering with manufacturers and distributors to provide cleaning and disinfectant supplies to drivers to help with vehicle cleanliness. 
  • Providing financial assistance to drivers and putting their accounts on hold if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are self-isolating. 
  • Temporarily pausing shared rides in some markets to slow the spread of COVID-19. 
  • 24/7 team is available to support public health authorities in their response to COVID-19.

Much of the information on this page and its associated links has been provided to the ORS by the referenced utilities. The ORS cannot make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, or accuracy of this information.