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The Vehicle Registration Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers.

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Leasing Information

The Governor signed Act 236 into law on June 2, 2014, which provides for the lease of renewable electric generation facilities in South Carolina. S.C. Code Ann. § 58-27-2600 et seq. requires lessors to obtain a Certificate of Fit, Willing and Able (“FWA”) from the ORS prior to the leased renewable electric generation facility being marketed or the facilities installed in South Carolina.

Please carefully read the Filing Instructions and Application. The ORS is available to answer questions and provide assistance related to the Leasing Application.

  1. Filing Instructions (PDF)
  2. Leasing Application (PDF)
  3. Registry of Leased Facilities Form (PDF)
  4. Consumer Guide to Solar for the South Carolina Homeowner (PDF)
  5. List of Leasing Companies (PDF)
  6. ORS Report on the Lease of Renewable Electric Generation Facilities (PDF)
  7. Solar Information for Consumers