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South Carolina Broadband Infrastructure Program

A portion of the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) has been allocated for broadband infrastructure. Expansion of broadband infrastructure will emphasize services to rural communities and communities with a high prevalence of COVID-19 or with demographic characteristics consistent with risk factors for COVID-19. Reimbursable expenditures for infrastructure expansion must be necessary for the COVID-19 public health emergency and must increase capacity for distance learning, telework, or telehealth.

Application and Guidelines

The ORS solicited applications for expanding broadband infrastructure in South Carolina. Applications were not limited to Priority Program Target areas.

Submitting an Application
The ORS accepted applications through 12 AM EST on August 14, 2020. Applicants received an acknowledgment that their application was received and submitted applications are posted below.

Submitted Applications
Below are applications submitted to the ORS for the Broadband Infrastructure Program:

Approved Applications

Below are applications submitted to the ORS that upon completion will receive funding for the expansion of broadband infrastructure. Projects can be completed in phases or milestones. Funding of these applications is subject to the completion of a funding agreement with the ORS and the evaluation of any duplication of infrastructure.

Broadband Infrastructure Applications Funded (PDF)

The ORS is currently working with applicants to finalize funding agreements. Successful applicants, awardees, and the ORS will use Citrix Sharefile to securely exchange all documents. Upon execution of the Funding Agreement and completion of all required attachments and exhibits, awardees should contact Pam McMullan via email to receive instructions for submitting documents.

Areas of Need

The ORS engaged Revolution D, Inc. to identify areas of the state that are unserved, impacted by COVID-19, and that if broadband were available, would support distance learning, telehealth, and/or teleworking.

Program Targets
Revolution D identified approximately 550 areas (PDF) as having a substantial need for broadband improvement. Of those, approximately 150 areas are designated as priority areas (Priority Program Targets). These priority areas were established based on demographic, socioeconomic, and other attributes (e.g., low-moderate income communities). Program Targets and Priority Program Targets are also available in a list format (.xls) and an Esri-compatible shape file format zip file for GIS-trained technical users.

Any current broadband provider can challenge the designation of unserved; however, any challenge must be supported by evidence that service is being provided throughout the area and not just to a few customers. Challenges must be submitted by August 12, 2020.


Event Date/Deadline
Areas of Need published on ORS website 8/5/2020
Application Period Opens 8/5/2020
Challenge Period Opens 8/5/2020
Challenge Period Closes 8/12/2020
Application Period Closes 8/14/2020
Submitted Applications posted on ORS website 8/18/2020
Construction Progress Report Due 9/15/2020
Financial Progress Report Due 10/1/2020
Construction Progress Report Due 10/15/2020
Financial Progress Report Due 11/1/2020
Construction Progress Report Due 11/15/2020
Financial Progress Report Due 12/1/2020
Final Reporting Due 12/19/2020