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The Vehicle Registration Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers.

Data Request to Providers

To maintain efficient deployment of federal funding and prevent duplication of facilities, the SC Broadband Office (SCBBO) requests that all residential wireline and/or fixed wireless Internet Service Providers (ISPs) submit their most recent information by September 15, 2023 (previously September 1, 2023), so the next set of SC broadband maps can be developed.

This is the final data request for 2023.

ISPs that deliver satellite, middle-mile, or exclusively commercial service are not required to submit data.

The ORS is requesting various data elements, per the instructions in this memorandum.

FCC Broadband Data Collection 

Submit your most recent Broadband Data Collection (BDC) information in the same format as you submit to the FCC. 

ISP Contact Form

Please complete a detailed ISP contact form using the following template.