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The Governor has declared a State of Emergency in South Carolina. For the latest information on COVID-19 in South Carolina visit

For the latest utility updates during COVID-19 visit ORS.SC.GOV/covid19.

New License Decal Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers. Click here to learn more.

Mapping and Planning

A portion of the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) has been allocated for broadband mapping and planning. The ORS has been directed to secure a vendor for the development of a broadband statewide county-by-county mapping plan and to secure a vendor for the development of a statewide broadband infrastructure plan.

The infrastructure plan will identify and prioritize communities in the state where access to broadband has impeded the delivery of distance learning, telework, and telehealth for the most vulnerable population of South Carolinians impacted by COVID-19. The plan will identify the role that public and private broadband operators can play in addressing the state’s broadband plans.


CostQuest Associates, Inc. has been engaged by the ORS to perform various Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-related services associated with this mapping project. Specifically, CostQuest is processing broadband service provider data to analyze the current state of broadband attributes across South Carolina and identify the number of broadband serviceable structures and their map-based locations in served and unserved areas of the state. Following a thorough assessment and inventory of key South Carolina assets, a detailed map will be made available by the end of November 2020.

Data Request

The ORS has requested all broadband service providers and broadband infrastructure owners operating in South Carolina to submit data and information on the availability of broadband service at delivered download and upload speeds and by technology type for each address in the state serviceable by the broadband service provider or infrastructure owner.