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The Vehicle Registration Payment Portal is now live for passenger carriers.

Mapping and Data

The Broadband Office collects information from broadband providers and other entities to update maps. The Broadband Office compiles this information, analyzes, and updates maps and data.

Webpage of SC Digital Drive with mapsSC Digital Drive

SC Digital Drive allows consumers and stakeholders to interact with and download maps showing the availability and speed of broadband in the state. Stakeholders can submit projects for inclusion in maps. In addition, the site houses applications and surveys for consumers and stakeholders. After requesting a login, some users will have access to download data used in maps.

Visit SC Digital Drive

The Broadband Office maintains several dashboards and applications on SC Digital Drive for stakeholders, consumers, and businesses to use. Visit SC Digital Drive to view these dashboards and applications.

Broadband County DashboardSC Broadband County Dashboard

The SC Broadband County Dashboard allows users to view general broadband statistics at the county level. Much of the data reflected in the Dashboard is based on Federal Communications Commission data submissions. The Dashboard uses data from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Dashboard data is updated periodically.

Internet Service Provider Lookup ApplicationSC Broadband Internet Service Provider Lookup Application

The SC Broadband Internet Service Provider Lookup Application allows consumers to view the providers that may offer service in the general area of an address. The data reflected in the Application is based on Federal Communications Commission data submissions. The Application uses data from ISPs. Application data is updated periodically.

Eligibility web mapping applicationSC Broadband Web Mapping Application

The SC Broadband Web Mapping Application (Web Mapping) shows areas eligible for potential future funding, funded areas, and the best available technology in an area. Users may also overlay their own maps and data when using the Web Mapping application. Data added to the map locally is accessible only to the user and not viewable by the Broadband Office. When the user closes the web browser, the session ends.