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Broadband Data Request

In preparation for the efficient deployment of federal funding that may become available, the ORS is requesting that all Internet Service Providers (ISP) and middle-mile infrastructure owners promptly submit their most recent information to the State Broadband Office so the next set of eligibility maps can be developed. 

The ORS is requesting five different data elements: 

  1. Updated Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Form 477 information; and, 
  2. Current Residential Service Area; and, 
  3. Recent Federal awards; and, 
  4. American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) County/Municipal Project awards; and, 
  5. Served Residential Address List.

FCC Form 477 (June 30, 2021)

Please submit the most recent Form 477 information, in the exact same format as submitted to the FCC. The ORS is expecting to see Excel (CSV or XLSX) for both broadband deployment and subscription information for all entities that are owned and operated (both ILEC and CLEC if appropriate). In addition, the ORS would also like a copy of submission confirmations (PDF) from the FCC. 

Residential Service Area

If appropriate, please provide a detailed shapefile of the current residential delivery area. When complete, this should be a collection of polygons, with donut holes removed, that will clearly show the extent of the service area. 

Federal Grant Awards

Please provide a detailed shapefile (full 2010 census block resolution) of any USDA ReConnect or FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund areas that are designated and fully authorized/approved for future construction. Do not include any census blocks where construction was completed by June 30, 2021 and are currently being reported to the FCC. 

ARPA County/Municipal Project Awards

If appropriate, please provide a detailed shapefile (full 2010 census block resolution) of any county or municipal ARPA projects that are designated and fully authorized/approved for future construction. 

Served Residential Addresses

Please provide a detailed address list (Excel) of all serviceable locations that will be deployed as of September 30, 2021. With each detail row, please provide a unique identifier, the street address (USPS approved), the type of technology that is deployed (FCC technology codes), and the max upload and download speeds that are available (Mbps) at the location. If possible, please include a flag on each record indicating if the address is a new record from the previous data submission (ORS Cares 2020). If a unique identifier was previously utilized for an address, please use the same one in this submission. Do not include commercial deployments.