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Mapping and Planning

A portion of the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) was allocated for broadband mapping and planning. The ORS was directed to secure a vendor for the development of a broadband statewide county-by-county mapping plan and to secure a vendor for the development of a statewide broadband infrastructure plan.

South Carolina Broadband Map

Link to South Carolina Broadband ViewerThe South Carolina Broadband Map shows the availability of broadband service to every residential and business site in the state. Broadband data is provided by the majority of broadband providers in South Carolina. Based on broadband data provided, users can input their address to show the availability of broadband at their location. This includes download speeds, the connection type, and the providers offering service to their address. The map does not reveal the provider, if any, that a consumer may currently have service with at the particular address.

View the South Carolina Broadband Map

Contacting the ORS About Map Discrepancies
The ORS is continuing to make the South Carolina Broadband Map as accurate as possible. The ORS is encouraging consumers who see a discrepancy in the map-— as in, the map suggests they have broadband service, but they actually do not— to contact the ORS.

Consumer Inquiries About Access
Consumers that do not currently have access to internet, but would like to inquire about getting access can email iNeedInternet@ORS.SC.GOV.

Data Request

The ORS requested all broadband service providers operating in South Carolina to submit data and information on the availability of broadband service at delivered download and upload speeds and by technology type for each address in the state the provider can serve.

Request for Broadband Providers to Report Errors or Omissions

The ORS requested broadband providers in South Carolina to review the map and identify any errors or omissions. Any inaccuracies or omissions were sent via email to the ORS before February 19, 2021.