Digital Cartography and Precinct Demographics

The Digital Cartography and Precinct Demographics Section is responsible for providing GIS mapping services to state and local agencies, E911 officials, the private sector, and the legislature.


The SC Budget and Control Board has responsibility for E-911 through enabling legislation (Title 23 Chapter 47 of the SC Code of laws). These E911 Operations are managed by the Office of Research and Statistics.


The Economic Research Section analyzes economic and revenue data; monitors state and local government revenue trends; estimates inflation rates; and evaluates the effect of State policies on revenues and the State's economy, of national policies on the State, and of economic impacts of specific activities.

SC Geodetic Survey

The primary mission of the Geodetic Survey is to establish horizontal and vertical geodetic control throughout the state to allow land and land-related items to be referenced to the national horizontal and vertical coordinate system, to ensure the integrity of new geodetic data, and to maintain geodetic files.

Health and Demographics

The Health and Demographics Section of the Office of Research and Statistics receives, processes, distributes, and interprets health, demographic, and census data in South Carolina.


S.C. Budget and Control Board
Office of Research & Statistics
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